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  • “We have been tenants at Red Apple Plaza going on five years now and quite honestly we couldn't be happier. The grounds are always clean and free of litter, very well lit in the evening and at night for safety. Always landscaped and fresh seasonal flowers through out the year and snow is always pushed and sidewalks cleaned after snow storms. Truthfully, I don't believe there is a better retail center on the shore and certainly not in QA County. Other than a major grocery chain this center has just about everything else. DiDonato Property Management Comp. are very professional to deal with and easily accessible at all times.”

    Doug & Jennifer McCartinCapriotti's Sandwich Shop
  • Nothing but the best experience at Red Apple Plaza! For the past four years TNT Jewelers has enjoyed nothing but impeccable Property Management from DiDonato. Delightfully landscaped, always clean and well maintained, this shopping center boasts easy access from all directions and is easily the nicest of it class on Maryland’s Eastern shore, and other areas for that matter. Staff members are friendly, prompt, and available when needed. Thanks DiDonato team!

    Jason BrewsterTNT Jewelers LLC.
  • DiDonato-jpgs-0093 We chose Red Apple Town Center because of the location. This location allows for great visibility increasing customer volume. It was an easy leasing process. DiDonato Properties were great partners to have for first-time business owners. They worked with us and are quick in responding to tenant needs. We have been very satisfied. Red Apple Town Center is a well maintained commercial property.

    Doug & Jennifer McCartinCapriotti's on Kent Island
  • DiDonato-jpgs-0124 The location is outstanding with lots of traffic flow. How has business improved? Traffic flow and everyone knows the location is easy to find. The Leasing Process went well, easy to work with. The Lease and build-out of the unit went smooth and was completed on time. If a potential tenant was on the fence about whether to lease space with us or not, what would you say to them? Give a second look. For my business it has been a great move. The property is well maintained, nice people, easy to work with. Patty Cielsa and Leslie Siebold were great to work with and made the move smooth and easy.

    Brian BurnellAllstate Insurance
  • Why did you select Red Apple Town Center to lease space for your business? This office affords me a great location, look professional and the Red Apple team is spectacular. How has your business improved by being located in Red Apple Town Center? My Policy holders find it convenient and this location gives me the opportunity to serve the Eastern and Western Shores. How did we do in the leasing process? Great, very easy to work with! The location is convenient, the appearance is professional and the Red Apple Team will support you as they can. Again, great location, appearance and team to work with. Choosing Red Apple would be a positive move for your business.

    Jim BrownState Farm Insurance-Red Apple Corner